GURE HITZAK is a concerts and tours organizer/promoter collective based between Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) and Kokkola (Finland). working since april of 2001, starting 2 years before but without a concrete name but yes with idea and principals behind it, organizing concerts and tours for underground artists.

The idea behind GURE HITZAK is to work for promote "REAL" musical creativity, having a clear compromised attitude with the underground music scene, supporting bands and artists, we think, are next to our ideals, those are: personal creation, real risk, and personal and original ideas. for us, these things makes music be "alive". in the other hand, we think, when the "money business" is a important conditional about decisions affecting the creation of the musician makes music being poor and less interesting.

We try to work differently than a "typical" professional booking agency but trying to offer to the bands the best conditions as possible.

We mostly like to support advance music in general in styles like: sludge/doom-metal, psyhche sounds, drone, noise (rock, no wave, or electronics), experimental, dark-indie folk, post-hc, ambient, avant jazz, or related musics... but we are open to work with others sometimes.

We have organized concerts and tours for bands like:

MOHO (sp.), BONGZILLA (u.s.), THE EX,(hol.), A SILVER MOUNT ZION (can.), E - THALIA ZEDEK, (u.s.), RUSSIAN CIRCLES (u.s.), DAMO SUZUKI (jp.), TRAP THEM (u.s.), ROTTEN SOUND (fin.), SOURVEIN (u.s.), GRIEF (u.s.), LIGHTNING BOLT (u.s.), MONO (jp.), DO MAKE SAY THINK (can.), CULT OF LUNA (swe.),.BLACK COBRA (u.s.), SAVIOURS (u.s.), RAMESSES (eng.), WHITE HILLS (u.s.), THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES(us.), THE APPLESEED CAST (u.s.), INDECISION (u.s.), MONOCHROME (ger.), THE USAISMONSTER (u.s.), SABOT (u.s.-rep. checa) OFF MINOR (u.s.), TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A. (u.s.), ENON (u.s.), SIGHTINGS, (u.s.), ENABLERS (u.s.), DIE PRINCESS DIE (u.s.), AN ALBATROSS (u.s.), OVO (it.), JETTISON (ger.), ARIEL KILL HIM (swe.), PALE (ger.), ACLYS (ger.), PLASTIC PRIDE (swe.), DIVISION OF LAURA LEE (swe.), GO GO GO AIRHEART (u.s.), SUMA (swe.), MOHA! (nor.), NUEVA VULCANO (cat.), KNUT (sui.), WALTER SCHEIRFELDS (u.s.), LOGH (swe.), FIN FANG FOOM (u.s.), BEN DAVIS & THE JETTS (u.s.), AIDS WOLF (can.), CAPRICORNS (u.k.), LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR (u.s.), PIT ER PAT (u.s.), BASEMENT (fr.), RED SPAROWES (u.s.), 12TWELVE (cat.), AMANDA WOODWARD (fr.), AUSSITÖT MORT (fr.), COCONOT (cat.), UNFINISHED SYMPATHY(cat.), LIKE PETER AT HOME (sp.), SWORD OF DAMOCLES (eusk.), BORROKAN (eusk.), YA TE DIGO (eusk.), NEUBAT (eusk.), FRIK (eusk.), MATERIA (eusk.), CERBERUS SHOAL (u.s.), KAFKA (it.), COBOLT (swe.), SIMCA (eusk.), NOISE OF THE WIND (eusk.), BILLY BAO (eusk.), NEILA (eusk.), HAIKUS (zgz.), SCORNLESS (fr.), DOWN IN THREE (val.), ELEPHANT MICAH (u.s.), THOMAS MERY (fr.), NUN (eusk.), MANETT (eusk.), 5000 R.P.M.(eusk.), ETEN(eusk.), LE NOISE (eusk.), MISS TOLL (eusk.), KAP BAMBINO (fr.), POSITIVA (eusk.), EL CORSAL DESASTRE (eusk.), KASU!(eusk.), NEW IDEA SOCIETY (u.s.), ZHERO (eusk.), FOMALHAUT(eusk.), TANTRUM (fr.), SPINING HEADS (fr.), A ROOM WITH A VIEW (sp), FALLEN (eusk.), NISEI (cat.), SHEREGANO (sp.), VIAJE A 800 (sp.), CORDURA (eusk.), MAINE (sp.), IL FULGURANTE (fr.), RAINBOW OF DEATH (eusk.), MONARCH! (eusk.), MARIA BLONDE (fr.),SNAPTRUCK (u.s.), MIRAH (u.s.), TROY B. BALTHAZAR (u.s.), RIVULETS (u.s.), XIMEL (eusk.), ELEKTROLOCHMANN (ger), DON'T LOOK BACK (fr.), HOPEFULL (sp.), QUALUDE (esp.), LES PHILLIPES (cat.), C (chz.rep.), DEVEROVA CHYBA (chz. rep.), WEEPINGS MINDS OF SILENCE (fr.), LOBSTER (port.), GATECHIEN (fr.),THE MAGNETIX (eusk.), API WIZ (fr.), RADIKAL SATAN (fr.,arg.), PARTY OF ONE (u.s.), CHALLENGER (u.s.), BILLY BAO (eusk.), YEAR OF NO LIGHT (fr.), QUETZAL (bel.), LES GEORGES LENINGRAD (can.) PORTOBELLO BONES (fr.), ENKI (fr.), DESPUES DE NUNCA (eusk.), PICORE (zg.), MOCK ORANGE (u.s.), TRIBUTE TO NOTHING (u.k.), H-BURNS (fr.), BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN (fr.), SUGARTOWN CABARET (fr.), CHRISTIAN KJELLVANDER (swe.), SHIT (fr.), TAMAGAWA (fr.), B THONG (fr.), ANANDA (fr.),SELAM (fr.), URA (eusk.), GÄTECHIEN (fr.), LORDS OF BUKKAKE (cat.), KÜM (eusk.), AGUIRRE (fr.), NAIZROXA (eusk.), WARCHETYPE (cat.), CHIN UP CHIN UP (u.s.), SLEEPPERS (fr.), RIEN (fr.), CHANG FFOS (cro.), KIRUNA (fr.), ADRIFT (esp.), ANOTHER KIND OF DEATH (esp.), XEDH (eusk.), LOAN (eusk.), HELHESTEN ( eng.) CHORA (eng.), BLACK SUN (scot.), GORA JAPON (eusk.), ACTION BEAT (u.k.), ZA! (cat.), NEGRO (val.), MARY BELL (hol.), MENTAT (val.), LA ORQUESTA DEL CABALLO GANADOR (cat.,val.), JOSEBA IRAZOKI (eusk.), GLORY TELLERS (u.s.),THE JOE K-PLAN (esp.), DECAPANTE (esp.), C-UTTER (cat.), SEGUNDA APNEA (cat.), VORTICE (cat.), LVMEN (chz. rep.), ABOBINABLE FUTURO (esp.), ATOMIZADOR (esp.), HABSYLL (fr.), BUTRONIAN (eusk.), ULTRAPHALLUS (bel.), THE PUBLICIST (u.s.), DISHAMMER (esp.), AU (esp.), GRABBA GRABBA TAPE (esp.) LOVE OF EVERYTHING (u.s.) PALETAZO (u.s.), MINSK (u.s.), AKAUZAZTE (eusk.), CHELSEA WOLFE (u.s.), MI & LAU (Fr./Fin.), BUTTERCUP METAL POLISH (swtz.) GOLONDRINAS (eusk.), JARBOE (u.s.), NAER MATARON (gre.), SINK (fin.), DJ AMSIA (euk.), MULETRAIN (esp.), MAGDA MAYAS & TONY BUCK (aus./ger.), LA JR. (esp.), SUMMER RECREATION CAMP (cat.), DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE (fin.), MESETIAH (fin.), RAVAGE RITUAL (fin.), TEETHING (sp.), SPAWN FROM DECEIT (fin.), NISTIKKO (fin.), THROAT (fin.), TOTAL VOMIT EXPERIENCE (fin.), HEBOSAGIL (fin.), ULTRALYD (nor.), EAGLE TWIN (u.s.), POMBAGIRA (eng.), FUN (fin.), CARUSELLA (isr.), COUGH (u.s.), MOLOKEN (swe.), BLIND ARCHITECT (fin.), MAGRUDERGRIND (u.s.), TERVEET KADET (fin.), FLESHPRESS (fin.), UNKIND (fin.), KHUDA (u.k.), WE ARE THE DAMNED (port.), BESTA (port.) GRIME (it.), HUATA (fr.) STAER (nor.), HEIRS (aus.), ASCETIC: (aus.), BELZEBONG (pol.), WINDHAND (u.s.), PILGRIM (u.s.), UZALA (u.s.), ECSTATIC VISION (u.s.), DOPETHRONE (can.), NYOS (fi.), GOLDEN ORIOLE (nor.), MARK MORGAN (u.s.), TONER LOW (netherlands), DISTORTED PONY (u.s.), CANI SCIORRI (it.), THE COSMIC DEAD (scotland), SOVIET SOVIET (it.), SETE START SEPT (jap.), BRUTAL BLUES (nor.), . . . . . . .